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When should I buy my dress?

When you put it on and feel the queen you are!
Brides always ask, what is the final date I need to decide on my dress. This is worst mind set to be in.
At You&I Bridal we always will find a solution if time is running out for you. To ensure you’re not rushed, we always advise to come and see us 9- months before your wedding date

What about pricing?

Our Bridal Gowns range from 7,500AED to 15,900AED. With the majority being between 10,500AED to 13,500AED.
Our Bridesmaid dresses start from 1,190AED and go up to 1,390AED.

Can You&I Bridal alter my dress?

All Bridal fittings will be done within You&I Bridal Boutique so that your experience stays in one place. We advise that you start the alteration process 8 weeks before your wedding date as your body shapes could change leading up to your big day.
We tell all our You&I brides that they will need alterations on their dress when it arrives, this is very standard and expected. Our designers make dresses based on their size chart. Your size is chosen based on your hip, bust, waist measurements. Our expert in house seamstress will make sure that your gown fits you perfectly.

What do you recommend brides do before booking an appointment?

We recommend you shop around, research styles of wedding dresses you like and also the designers that we stock. All our bridal gowns, bridesmaids’ dresses and accessories are listed on our website. Our stylist may pull out a gown that is something you might not pick but would look great on your body shape, be prepared to try on different options, be open minded and have fun!

How many people can I bring to my appointment?

For a Bridal Appointment only, we advise you bring 1-3 of your loved ones. Large groups can be more confusing for you, and you will have too many different opinions. For Bridal and Bridesmaid Appointment, you bring who is in your bridal squad!
If you would like a large group (over 4 people), please drop us an email so that we can plan seating arrangements as we have limited seating in such intimate Boutique.

Help me – My wedding is 2 months out; what should I do?

We've got you! A few of our designers keep stock on hand for fast delivery. Other designers can rush orders which means you can get it quicker (at an additional charge).
Please don’t be put off booking with us, we are here to help you find your dream dress!

My appointment is coming up – What do I need to do?

Pretty please, we ask for the appointment that you wear minimal make-up, especially foundations or fake tan to your appointment so that it does not transfer onto the gowns.
Most of our gowns are strapless or backless, so we advise you bring a bra that works well with this style of gowns. seamless nude or white underwear is a must have! Also, don't forget a pair of heels that are the height that you would like to wear on your wedding day.
Finally, come with ideas – do your research online beforehand. Pull out some inspiration photos of the kind of bridal look you envision for yourself. This will help assist you in finding the perfect gown for you.

What dress sizes do you have in your boutique?

Our boutique has a selection of sizes ranging from 6-14 US.
Most of our sample dresses are size 8 - 12, but don’t worry if this is not your size as we will pin and clamp you into the dresses so that you can envision what your dress will look like.

Can I take photos of the dresses?

We ask that you wait to take any pictures until you've said “YES!” then take as many as you'd like. You will know when you know! Pictures are not the deciding factor.

Are There Any Fees For Appointments?

A Bridal Consultation is 1 hour and 30 minutes and is 150AED.
A Bridal and Bridesmaid Consultation is 2 hours and 15 minutes and is 180AED.
All booking fees are fully redeemable on any You&I Bridal purchase. 🤍